Zarkon Heights Islamabad

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Master Plan
  3. Smart Features
  4. Location
  5. Amenities
  6. Developer
  7. No Objection Certificate (NOC) Status
  8. Payment Plan
  9. Development Status
  10. Booking Procedure


Zarkon Heights Islamabad

Is a pure residential complex. Located at the CDA approved sectors, G-15, Zarkon Heights Islamabad is an apartment based luxury residential project. In fact, it is a gated community.  Zarkon Heights Islamabad guarantees provision of international standard facilities and amenities. It aims to deliver a modern living experience in the landscapes and lush green space of Islamabad.

Zarkon Heights Islamabad is a project of Kohistan Builders & Developer, Zarkon International & ZH Group. The Kohistan Builders is the same firm that in involved in development of high-end project called Eighteen Islamabad. Meanwhile, the Later 2 firms are equally experience. They have experience of more than 3 decades in real estate development industry.

The building of Zarkon Heights Islamabad is more in inclined towards Geometric theme. Meanwhile, mainly it is inspired by Egyptian Architecture with perfect blend of urban sophistication. It is world of privilege where innovation is ensured for better lifestyle.

zarkon heights islamabad

Master Plan

Zarkon Heights Islamabad Layout Plan is comprised of number of high-rise apartment towers. In true essence, it is a community of residential buildings. In Pakistan, no such projects is introduced before. So, it is one of its kind project in Real Estate market of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The Salient details of this project is shared below:

Area: The total area of Zarkon Heights Islamabad is 65 Kanal.

Building Details: As per latest information, in total 6 residential towers are planned. Each of the building has Ground plus 9 floors.

Number of Apartments: In total, it offers approx. 900 advance apartments and lavish suites.


The Apartments at Zarkon Heights Islamabad are designed to open the new horizon for luxury and comfortable living experience. It is indeed a project for top notch buyers. Zarkon Heights Islamabad is a destination for class, luxury and elegance aspirants.

Zarkon Heights Islamabad Apartments offered in following category:

1 bedroom apartment

These are purpose built apartments for small family. Meanwhile, it is new address for your business stays. These are studio apartments offered in 4 different layout with following sizes:

  • 523.71 Sq. Ft.
  • 571.78 Sq. Ft.
  • 619.85 Sq. Ft.
  • 842.49 Sq. Ft.

2 Bedroom Apartment

The 2 bedroom apartments are ideal for medium-size families. With utmost sense of security and privacy, live your dream life in these well-lit and ventilated apartments.

The 2 bedroom apartments are offered in 2 layouts with following sizes:

  • 904.48 Sq. Ft.
  • 1075.25 Sq. Ft.
  • 1144.83 Sq. Ft.
  • 1233.38 Sq. Ft.

3 Bedroom Apartment

For a stylish and chic lifestyle, you should chose these 3 bedroom apartments. The ideal place for large families, it has spacious living area with all the best facilities.

The 3 bedroom apartments are offered in 2 layouts with following sizes

  • 1545 Sq. Ft.
  • 1916 Sq. Ft

4 Bedroom apartments

These 4 bedroom apartments are luxury duplex. Perfect for top notch buyers looking to have a taste of sheer lavishness and elegance. It is fully designed high-quality innovative life spaces.

The 4 bedroom apartments are offered in 2 layouts with following sizes

  • 3731.75 Sq. Ft.

Community Centers: the community centers is a most advance space in Zarkon Heights Islamabad to ripe up the community gatherings within project. It offers 5 star services with excellent interior.

14 story luxury Hotel: It is the first ever residential community within twin cities that offer such a lavish hotel for over the edge experience of Zarkon Heights Islamabad residents. With voluminous lobbies, it is an ideal place to spend your time with memorable services


Zarkon Heights Islamabad Location is set in Sector G-15. It is located right adjacent to Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society. Furthermore the location of Zarkon Heights Islamabad is reachable from Motorway M2 & new Islamabad International Airport as well.

You can easily reach it via Islamabad downtown mainly from Zero Point & Blue area easily. Zarkon Heights Islamabad is located at the junction of Kashmir Highway and GT Road Islamabad. This main location is starting of Islamabad Zone-II.


Zarkon Heights Islamabad is a futuristic projects in Islamabad. It aims to provide residents international standard of life. In order to ensure, high class living experience, you will have easy access to lie comforts and quality facilities. The salient features of the project is listed below

  • Gated Community
  • Boundary walls
  • Security guards
  • Walkthrough gates
  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity, water and gas
  • Efficient telephone and internet facility
  • Underground sewerage system,
  • Greenbelts with street lights
  • Timely postal service
  • Self-reliable maintenance staff
  • Educational institutes
  • Swimming pool
  • Medical clinics
  • Community Club
  • Cafes


Zarkoon Heights is a project of Kohistan Builders, Zarkoon International and ZH Group.

The Kohistan Builders portfolio in Real estate industry is consisted f 2 decades. They aim to build epitome of brilliance and sheer luxury. It has recently delivered a four-star fancy hotel in Kohistan. Meanwhile, Eighteen Islamabad is the on-going projects.

Zarkoon International has marked the 3 decades. It started its journey from Mideast Hotel and apartments in Karachi back in 1985. It has come a long way to earn the respectable position in the market. It has done several projects in vicinity of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


The NOC of Zarkoon Heights is approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA) with registration number NOC details CDA/ARCH-6(ZH)/P-ZH/G-15/2017/25.

Payment Plan

The payment plan of Zarkoon Heights is shared below. The booking of apartments starts from 15% down payment. Meanwhile, each installment plan for 6 quarterly installments also shared below.

Category Gross Area sqft Total price Type Parking Down Payment 15% Remaining Balance 6 Quarterly Installments
04 Bed 3731.75 16,800,000 Duplex With 01 Car Parking 2,520,000 14,280,000 2,380,000
03 Bed 1916.48 9,900,000 Type B With 01 Car Parking 1,485,000 8,415,000 1,402,500
03 Bed 1545.83 8,900,000 Type A With 01 Car Parking 1,335,000 7,565,000 1,206,833
02 Bed 1233.38 6,900,000 Type B With 01 Car Parking 1,035,000 5,865,000 977,500
02 Bed 1144.83 6,600,000 Type C With 01 Car Parking 990,000 5,610,000 935,000
02 Bed 1075.25 6,200,000 Type A With 01 Car Parking 930,000 5,270,000 878,333
02 Bed 904.48 5,700,000 Type D With 01 Car Parking 855,000 4,845,000 807,500
01 Bed 842.49 5,000,000 Type D With 01 Car Parking 750,000 4,250,000 708,333
01 Bed 619.85 4,200,000 Type A With 01 Car Parking 630,000 3,570,000 595,000
01 Bed 571.78 3,900,000 Type C Without Car Parking 585,000 3,315,000 552,500
01 Bed 523.71 3,700,000 Type B Without Car Parking 555,000 3,145,000 524,166

Development Status

Out of 6 towers, 2 towers are entirely ready for possession. Meanwhile, the development work on other towers are also going on at full pace. The ready towers are fully equipped.

Booking Procedure

The booking of Villas and apartments at Eighteen Islamabad is already started. In fact, the inventory is booked at speedy pace. Besides, the price is also revised after each quarter. If you are planning to book your unit in this deluxe residential scheme, do not wait and book your unit before any further increase in prices.

Download Application form from this link

Do give a read to all the Terms & Conditions

Take out the print of Application form

Fill in the required details diligently

Attach the copy of CNIC Applicant, CNIC of Nominee and Photo of applicant.

You can pay the amount (down payment + Processing Fee) via Pay Order/ Draft or Online transaction in favor of “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”.

Submit all of these documents along with pay order in our office to complete the booking procedure.

For more information and consultancy, feel free to contacts us at +923331341344 or WhatsApp us for immediate response at +923331341344.

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