Shalimar Smart City Sargodha

Shalimar Smart City Sargodha

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Shalimar Smart City Sargodha to introduce the Singapore lifestyle in your own city, Sargodha. It is a hallmark of modern and contemporary housing society. Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is going to open new horizon of up-standard lifestyle. Previously, Royal Orchard Sargodha is another level residential society.

Built on urban township planning, it is offering you a living standard that is never imagined before. Shalimar Smart City Sargodha aims to develop a reliable and long-lasting sustainability in the near future. Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is a project of Shalimar Group of Companies. This development firm has already signed an MOU with Singaporean firm, Meinhardt. This firm would be responsible for the master planning of this great smart city in Sargodha.

Lately, several smart cities are being built in Pakistan. The top of list are Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City and many others. In this competitive environment, the Shalimar group of companies have aimed to keep the standard high in the development of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha. It is going to happen for the first time in Sargodha that advanced technologies and smart tactics are being utilized to shape this mega project.

shalimar smart city sargodha

Master Plan of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha

Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is a newly announced project. In fact, the MOU with Meinhardt for the master plan of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is signed in the mid of January, 2021. Thus, no much information has been revealed about the layout plan of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha.

Keeping in view the latest trends of modern housing societies including Royal Orchard Sargodha, Shalimar Smart City Sargodha will offer following units.

  • Residential Plots
  • Commercial Plots
  • Modern Villas
  • Apartments
  • Farmhouses

Location of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha

As far as location of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is concerned, it is expected to be announced by the end of January 2021. As per latest updates, Shalimar Smart City Sargodha Location is going to be situated at the prime spot of Sargodha.


Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is the most advance residential scheme in Sargodha. The residents of this place will experience an above standard living style. It is going to become a huge public attraction because of much needed recreational and enjoyment opportunities.  Below, we will list down salient amenities of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha

  • Mini Golf course
  • Mini Desert
  • Theme Parks
  • Commercial Arena
  • Free WiFi zone
  • Advance  infrastructure
  • Eco-friendly city
  • Luxurious farmhouses
  • Security and surveillance with 360-degree drones
  • Educational institutes
  • Modern banks
  • Shopping complex

Smart Features

In order to provide maximum convenience to residents, the modern technologies leveraged at full extent. The smart features of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha makes it a digital project. Below, the smart features are listed below:

Contemporary Infrastructure:

With the pledge for the providing of best experience to people, the developers has introduced the Smart Housing approach. All the infrastructure will have HVAC Control system to maintain the temperature and ventilation of buildings. Meanwhile, efficient firefighting and alarm systems are must for every edifice. It helps to maintain the smart standards.

Along with that an amusement park is being planned by the Chinese Company for the recreation of every age. Entertainment hubs are the part of the project promoting the lifestyle of the people within the community

Transportation Management:

A comprehensive layout plan is already under consideration. Since, there is massive traffic flow in Sargodha. The developers already have the idea of traffic influx. So for seamless traffic management smart transportation plant will be introduced. It has also planned installing Fleet Management and Tracking system in every vehicle. It will help the management to keep the record of vehicle in terms of security and traffic influx.

Resource Management:

Shalimar Smart City Sargodha will certainly ensure urban approach in terms of resource management. It offers load-shedding free environment. The electricity would be produced from solar resources.

Environment Preservation:

The development team is particularly dedicated to preserve the natural environment at its fullest state. Hence, it has planned to build a variety of theme parks in every single district and block throughout the project. Just like Capital Smart City, it will be also be another Eco-friendly project in Pakistan.

shalimar smart city


Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is a project of Shalimar Group of Companies. It came into being in 1984. With a sole mission to build most professional and strong real estate development firm. Shalimar Group of Companies has started its venture in year 2015 with the project name Shareef Garden.

Another milestone project of Shalimar Group of Companies is Gulberg Green Sargodha. is also project of this firm. In 2021, it has started its smart journey with the project, Shalimar Smart City Sargodha.

No Objection Certificate (NOC) Status

Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is newly announced project. presently, no news is disclosed regarding the NOC of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha.

Price Plan

The price plan of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha is not disclosed yet. However, it will definitely include the monthly or quarterly installments in the payment plan of Shalimar Smart City Sargodha.

Development Status

Booking Procedure

The Plots Booking of Shalimar-Smart-City-Sargodha has just started. In fact, the booking of plots are already going on at speedy pace. Do not miss a chance to avail high Return on Investment in this dream project. 

In order to book your dream plot in this project, kindly follow the following steps:

  • Download Application form from this link
  • Do give a read to all the Terms & Conditions
  • Take out the print of Application form
  • Fill in the required details diligently
  • Attach the copy of CNIC Applicant, CNIC of Nominee and Photo of applicant.
  • You can pay the amount (down payment + Processing Fee) via Pay Order/ Draft or Online transaction in favor of “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”.
  • Submit all of these documents along with pay order in our office to complete the booking procedure.

For more information and consultancy, feel free to contacts us at 03331341344 or WhatsApp us for immediate response at 03331341344

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