Adams Housing Multan

Adams Housing Multan  is a newly Launched Project in Multan.

adams housing mapAdams Housing Multan Location:

Adams Housing Multan Located on Dehar Chok Near New Kachry Gate number 1 is located on Matital road and second located on Bypas road.

Adams Housing Multan Payment Plan:

Adams Housing Multan 5 Marla Total Price: 4,500,000

Adams Housing Multan 7 Marla Total Price: 6,300,000

Adams Housing Multan 10 Marla Total Price: 9,000,00

Adams Housing Multan 1 Kanal Total Price:18,000,000

Adams Housing Multan Map:


CCTV OUTDOOR CAMERAS in Adams Housing Multan.

The property is covered through the CCTV cameras. You can check outside of your property on monitors installed inside the  rooms and also on your smart phone any time and anywhere in the whole world.

CCTV INDOOR CAMERAS in Adams Housing Multan.

 You can Check your home on your smartphone, 24 / 7 anywhere in the  whole world.

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