DHA Multan

DHA Multan

DHA Multan is your gateway to experience a luxurious lifestyle in your own city of saints, Multan.

Right beside the river of Chenab, Multan is one of the popular cities of Pakistan. Considered as seventh largest city of the country, it is emerging as the popular hub for residence and business activities. This is the main reason that today we are witnessing a tremendous construction project in the city. With a deep reflection of ancient civilization, Multan is the next favorite spot in southern Punjab province for investment purpose.

dha multan

DHA Multan is predominantly the most advance housing scheme in Multan. After unmatchable success in all over the Pakistan, Defense Housing Society (DHA) has launched this excellent residential project in Multan. With this remarkable housing venture, the city has entered in to new formative phase of contemporary lifestyle in most ethnic-rich environment.

DHA Multan Investment Prospective:

DHA is always a lucrative opportunity for investors. It never ceases to offer tremendous profit and Return on Investment to its investors. All the projects of DHA have marked the remarkable success over the short period of time. Talking about the DHA Multan, it is an innovative project in kind of under-developed city’s infrastructure. Thus, this housing scheme is welcomed more than anything by residents and investors alike.

Secondly, it is located at the most ideal location of Multan for real estate investment. At the same time, it has direct connectivity to 2 major roads namely Bosan Road and Marital Road. Along with that, it has immediate proximity to Northern Bypass. Investors are keenly looking upon this project for great profits in short timeframe.

Moreover, it is offering most anticipated facilities and amenities. One can find the most secure environment and 100% guaranteed safety here. The high standard commercial area is also planned to fulfill day to day life needs. International standard medical units and hospitals would definitely provide an advance healthcare system here. The cherry on the top is green and lavish environment where most of the area is reserved for parks and green belts.

In short, DHA-Multan is guaranteeing you huge profit. So don’t give a second thought for investment in DHA-Multan.

Keep reading this blog to know about the various aspect of this great residential scheme.

Master Plan of DHA Multan:

The contemporary housing schemes are known for their much-needed advance layout plan. The straight streets with odd exterior are an old-time thing. In this developing era, people demand stylish living space that gives them an experience of living in modern ambience. Here, the Master Plan of DHA-Multan is designed to give you an overall sense of modern lifestyle.

Firstly, lets talk about the salient features of DHA-Multan Master Plan.

Total Area: The total area of DHA-Multan is approximately nine thousand acres.

Phases: In total, DHA Multan has 1 phase yet.

Sectors: The Layout Plan of DHA Multan is divided in to several sectors. In total, it has 26 sectors. The details of them are shared below:

  1. Sector A
  2. Sector B1
  3. Sector B2
  4. Sector C
  5. Sector D
  6. Sector E
  7. Sector F
  8. Sector G
  9. Sector H
  10. Sector I
  11. Sector J
  12. Sector K
  13. Sector L
  14. Sector M
  15. Sector N
  16. Sector O
  17. Sector P
  18. Sector Q
  19. Sector `R
  20. Sector S
  21. Sector T
  22. Sector U
  23. Sector V
  24. Sector W1
  25. Sector W2
  26. X

Residential Plots:

DHA Multan residential Plots are offered in huge categories. In total, it is offering 49273 residential plots. Each of them is located in different sectors. You can have the detailed overview in the table below:

Sr. No. Size of Plot Phase Sector Total no. of plots
1. 5 Marla Phase 1 Sector PSector TSector V 15,989
2. 8 Marla Phase 1 Sector V 2891
3. 10 Marla Phase 1 Sector USector B1 2947
4. 1 Kanal Phase 1 Every sector 26979
5. 2 Kanal Phase 1 Sector ASector N 467

DHA Multan Villas:

Are you looking for modern built villas?

DHA Multan Villas are ideal option for those looking for dream lifestyle. This pre-designed luxury villas are the best thing a family can ever wished. You can easily call the maintenance team to fix the issues in these luxury villas. So, let’s find a peaceful living space for yourself.

DHA Multan Villas are now under-construction which will be open for booking in coming months. The building construction contract for these villas is don between Bodla Builders and DHA Multan. Meanwhile, the development activities are already started on location of DHA Multan Vilas. The reservation for these villas is also started. You can find the detailed specs in the table below.

Sr. No. Size No. of bedrooms Total Area
1. 6 Marla 3 bedrooms 1994 Sq Ft
2. 9 Marla 4 Bedrooms 2751 Sq Ft
3. 12 Marla 4 Bedrooms 3149 Sq Ft
4. 12 Marla 5 Bedrooms 3530 Sq Ft

DHA Multan Askari Housing:

DHA Multan is all set to introduce another great project within its premises. It is mainly known as Askari Housing.

The DHA Multan Askari Housing is featured on 150 acres of land. On September 2017, the developmental work has initiated already. In this category, 439 marvelous houses would be offered. There will be 5 categories of housing units in DHA Multan Askari Phase 1. The detailed overview is shared below.

SU Houses – 1 Kanal
SD Houses – 12 Marla

Special Houses:

3 Bed G + 3 Half Block Units
3 Bed G + 3 QTR Block Units

Complete breakdown of each housing category in Phase 1 of Askari Housing in DHA Multan is given below:

Category Units
  SU Houses 44
  SD Houses 284
  Special Houses 39
  3 Bed G+ Half Block Units 64
  3 Bed G + 3 QTR block 8
  Total 439

All of these houses will be constructed by DHA management in Askari Housing Scheme. Along with that, it strives to ensure top quality construction criteria while building the houses.

DHA Multan Commercial Plots:

Nothing is better than commercial plots investment. It becomes more terrific when combined with DHA Multan commercial plot investment. One of the best architecture engineers mapped the commercial plots in DHA Multan Layout Plan. With immediate proximity to residential area and main roads, it offers huge return on investment to investors once operational.

These commercial plots in Multan are offered in 3 categories. These plots are listed below

  1. 4 Marla
  2. 7 Marla
  3. 2 Marla

Location of DHA Multan:

The location of any real estate project plays an integral role. It is not only limited to the success of project. But the investors firstly look for the location perk of project before putting in their money.

Meanwhile, talking about the location of DHA Multan, it is enjoying the most central location of the city. As mentioned earlier, it is situated on Bosan Road. Several inter-city areas are easily reachable from the DHA Multan location. Along with that, the best educational institute of Multan, Bahaudin Zakriya University.

dha multan map and location

It is directly linked to 2 roads i.e., Bosan road and Matital Road. In addition, the Sakhe Madina Road also has direct access to it. The Khanewal Road further leading to Lahore also has close proximity to this housing scheme. Wapda town, MDA officers’ colony and PIA employees housing are some of the neighboring residential projects to DHA Multan.

Facilities of DHA Multan:

DHA Multan is promising a gateway to advance living experience. Here, you will find all that is never imagined before. Get ready to dive in the world of international standard amenities. There is nothing left to be included in this dream world of deluxe facilities. The salient facilities of DHA Multan is listed below:

  1. Pre-planned community
  2. Gated scheme with boundary walls
  3. Safety checkpoints
  4. Security guards
  5. Car patrolling security staff
  6. CCTV surveillance
  7. Luxury built villas
  8. Spacious houses
  9. Exclusive Commercial zone
  10. 300 feet main avenue
  11. wide network of roads
  12. Underground electricity provision
  13. 24/7 supply utilities e.g., water, gas, and electricity
  14. Free internet zones
  15. Chain of high standard Education institutes
  16. Healthcare and medicinal units
  17. Advance hospitals
  18. 24/7 emergency and ambulance service
  19. dynamic shopping mall
  20. well-maintained gyms
  21. Lush green open parks
  22. Hyper and super marts
  23. 5-star hotel
  24. Arena – Grand event complex
  25. Advance golf academy
  26. International standard golf course
  27. Recreational centers and services
  28. Lush green belts beside roads
  29. Country club
  30. DHA plant nursery
  31. Jamie masjid and grand mosque
  32. Clean and green environment

NOC of DHA Multan:

DHA Multan is owned by Defense Housing Authority. It is owned by Pakistan Armed Forces. Thus, it doesn’t require any legal permit from city housing authority. DHA Multan is an absolute legal housing scheme of Multan.

Development Status:

The developmental activities in DHA Multan started back in 2014. DHA Multan owner and Promega Company inked a contract for the quality development and construction work. Since then, the experiment team is working day and night to meet high standard quality infrastructure at speedy pace. In total, 10 sectors of DHA Multan are completely developed. Along with that, the cycle of life is rotating with full pace here.

The first balloting of DHA Multan held on July 31, 2019. Residential as well as commercial plots were balloted. In detail, 5, 8, 10, 1, and 2 Kanal residential plots and 4 and 8 Marla commercial plots offered at balloting.

Several inner roads under-construction while several others are fully operational with the society. Along with that, the development work at Sector M and Sector Q almost completed. In fact, sector Q possession granted in August 2020.

Payment Plan of DHA Multan:

The payment plan of DHA Multan is completely described below.

 Residential Plots Launching Rates

The price range of residential plots shared below.

Size of Villas Booking Fees Down Payment 12 quarterly Installment Total Price
5 Marla 5, 000 200, 000 150, 000 20, 000, 000
8 Marla 7, 000 300, 000 225, 000 3, 000, 000
10 Marla 9, 000 350 ,000 262, 500 3, 500, 000
1 Kanal 11, 000 680, 000 510, 500 6, 800, 000
2 Kanal 15, 000 1, 300, 000 975, 000 13, 000, 000

DHA Villas:

The DHA Villas payment plan offered in table below

Size of Villas Application fee Booking Fees Down Payment 12 quarterly Installment Total Price
6 Marla 3, 500 50, 000 2, 450, 000 625, 000 10, 000, 000
9 Marla 4, 000 75, 000 3, 925, 000 1, 000, 000 16, 000, 000
12 Marla 4, 500 100, 000 4, 650 ,000 1, 187, 500 19, 000, 000
12 Marla 5, 000 125, 000 5, 125, 000 1, 312, 500 21, 000, 000

Commercial Plots Price Plan:

The Payment Plan for commercial plots in DHA Multan is shared below

Size of Villas Booking Fees Down Payment 12 quarterly Installment Total Price
4 Marla 15, 000 1, 750, 000 1, 312, 500 17, 500, 000
8 Marla 20, 000 3, 500, 000 2, 625, 000 35, 000, 000

Not only this, management of DHA Multan offers huge discounts on utility and development charges. Following is the detail as per the latest notification.

Discount on Development Charges in DHA Multan:

% of discount on Development Charges If construction work completed within
100% 12 months/ 1 year
80% 14 months
60% 16 months
50% 18 months

Discount on Utility Charges in DHA Multan:

% of discount on Utility Charges If construction work started within
100% 12 months on 20 residential units
75% 12 months on 11-19 residential units
50%      12 months on  5-10 residential units
100% 12 months on more than 10 Commercial units
50%      12 months on 5-9 Commercial units

Booking Procedure:

The booking of plots at DHA Multan is already started. In fact, the inventory is booked at speedy pace. Booking of the plot is started for fully-developed plots only.

If you are planning to book your unit in this deluxe residential scheme, do not wait and book your unit before any further increase in prices.

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