Lahore Smart City

lahore smart city

All About Lahore Smart City

After great launch and success of Capital Smart City Islamabad, developers took a pleasing step to launch it in Lahore as well. The news came as a breeze for residents of Lahore and investors too. This will be Asia`s 5th and Pakistan`s 2nd smart city.

The reason behinds its popularity is its state of the art facilities and cutting edge technology. It has everything one can imagine by keeping a luxurious lifestyle, peace and safety in mind. Lahore Smart City in Lahore will be like a dream come true for all the lahories.

Where is it located?

Lahore Smart City is located at an ideal location. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Three main roads are situated near this. It has connectivity with Motorway as well as with GT road. It is located at bypass Lahore. It is accessible through GT road as well as Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. The society is connected with Lahore city through the ring road.

So location wise it is an ideal location, especially for the people who are tired with hustle bustle and wants to spend a peaceful life away from the noise of the city in a very quiet place. Obviously, it will get populated; however, it is designed in a way that its commercial area is far away from the resident area.

Location wise it is peaceful. Once developed, it will be best of every housing society available in Pakistan.

Main Aim of Lahore Smart City:

               Well, the concept of a smart city is not new in the world. There are several smart cities in the world. New York`s smart city is the world one of the best smart city which has implemented all of the smart features. Basically, a smart city is the one using all the smart features. It has smart waste management system. Automatic traffic lights and street light system is another attraction.

The main aim of any smart system is to provide smart and high-end services to residents. It has everything automatic and environmentally friendly. Use of automatic lights and traffic control system to prevent any confusion or waste of energy resources is eliminated—automatic waste management system to reduce health issues involved in the collection and disposal of waste from buildings.

The main aim of a Lahore Smart City is easing the life of a common man with the use of high-end technology yet remaining environmental and eco friendly. Encouraging green and clean environment wherever and as much possible.

There must be a pollution-free environment. By pollution-free we mean pollution of every kind of air, water and noise count too. So they are built away from city life. Residential areas are away from commercial areas. Roads are wide, eliminating the need for horn or noise at large scale.  

Is Lahore Smart City a good Investment :

               A Lahore Smart City is worth investing indeed. It has all the attraction which will lead it a too mega project. One who wants to invest now has to book at his earliest. As investing now and with the lump sum amount will guarantees lower prices.

As we all are aware that property prices gradually increasing. So booking price now is minimum. Moreover if one will pay the whole amount now can enjoy a 10% discount on the total amount.

It is worth investing as the government is paying attention to the construction sector. Investing and building something will be advantageous in the long term. As in one can invest in Lahore Smart City to get reward and revenue in the longer run.

One can save his savings to enjoy the post-retirement period. Moreover, if one is about to retire in a year or two, he can think of building here to enjoy a peaceful environment to get relaxed. As society is equipped with different activities and club.

If you have started your career now and want a safe future for you and your family then investing in the Lahore Smart City, Lahore will never disappoint you. It will definitely give you return in multiple times.

So, in short, it is beneficial to invest there. It will be beneficial now in a few years as well as in the long term. It best option even if you want to live here.

lahore smart city

Features of Lahore Smart City

Lahore smart city will have much more than you expect or dream of. It has peace, ease, and a luxurious lifestyle. It has everything a luxurious living demands yet at an affordable price now. A glimpse of some of the facilities available in the Lahore Smart City is as below.

It has an automatic air conditioning system in all of the buildings of the society.

The underground network of sewerage, gas and water supply provide safety and a clean and green environment. It is pleasing to the eyes to have no view any wire or pipe anywhere.

Properly waste management system is there to ensure a healthy environment in the society. This will eliminate odor everywhere and will ensure an aesthetically, beautiful environment.

Moreover, it has every that feature which will ensure a clean and green environment.

It has automatic traffic control and light street system. This will provide safe energy and electrical resource. Surely this step will have a positive impact on the mental and physical health of residents.

The attraction of Lahore Smart City

Lahore is already full of sightseeing places. However, the Lahore Smart city itself is equipped and self-sufficient with a number of attractive sightseeing places.

One of the attractive features is a green belt and a beautiful landscape everywhere. Beauty is enhanced with a different hole sized golf clubs and course. The commercial area is well equipped with all the necessary features and facilities required.

Aviation Villa:

               Aviation villa is a whole new concept to facilitate traders and businesses. There are warehouses in it along with some cold storage to facilitates grocers. Exhibition halls to promote small and large business within the society and outside it.

Logistic corporation offices with complete technological facilities to support business in all aspects. Hospitality business, including 3-star hotels, are there to welcome outsiders with open-heartedly.

Health care City:

               Health care is essential to enjoy life to its fullest. Developers keep this point in mind and planned society accordingly. They dedicated specifically to a large, fully functional hospital with different laboratories.

Moreover, there are some areas within the Lahore smart city dedicated to clinics of a specialized doctor. So the residents need not worry about health care issues. They need not to go anywhere. Definitely, they will find all the solutions there. Many renowned laboratories are planning to open there.

Education City:

A housing society is ideal only in case it has the best health and educational facilities. Luckily Lahore Smart City has both. It has top-class educational facilities In the town. There will be schools of all levels.

Moreover, there is a university with different departments. Departments will have highly qualified teachers. Besides this, there will be a medical college—daycare center with fully functional with trained staff to facilitate working women.

Financial Square:

               Every one of us needs financial institutions more often to carry out our domestic and financial needs. Getting these services somewhat includes the hustle and bustle in moving here and there. However, developers of Lahore Smart City made this thing easier.

They have provided us all the financial institutions and relevant departments in one place. There will be 5-star hotels to facilitate outsiders in the best possible way. Conferences hall are fully functional and equipped with modern technologies to facilitate. One can find different corporate offices there.

lahore smart city

BRT System:

               BRT system is a new bus networking system to facilitate people coming in and out of the smart city. It has a wide range of buses that will connect the smart capital city with interchange and Lahore. They can be used to travel within society and from outside.

There will be dedicated bus lines to prevent any collision. Fully functional and facilitated bus transportation stations are there in the society. There will be an inner ring road to save time.

Parks and Gardens:

As we discussed earlier, the main motive of these smart cities in Pakistan is to promote a clean and green environment. So they took several steps to ensure that this motive is accomplished properly. There are several attractions for kids too.

A Holiday Park is an attraction to die for. It has theme parks with themed food courts. A Holiday resort, too, to attract tourists. It is good for investment too. 

Besides this theme park, there are some other parks to walk in, relax, and enjoy. These garden parks are properly landscape by world-renowned developers. The garden is decorated to give a pleasing treat to the eyes. They have separate jogging tracks and green belts.

Urban Utilities :

It has all the facilities and utilities one can imagine and want in the housing society; however, in a much better and efficient way. It has a portable water treatment plant to ensure that every house and property is getting pure and clean water all the time.

We all know that water is essential, so it is for plants. In order to give water to plants, there is a proper irrigation system. Proper waste disposal is a problem whole of Pakistan. So there installed a proper waste management system without causing any odor or pollution. The same is the situation with the sewerage system.

Security is ensured by the provision of CCTV cameras everywhere. These are of the latest technology to capture faces and images efficiently. The automatic street light system and traffic control system are just another attractive feature of a Lahore smart city.

lahore smart city

Lahore Smart City Overseas block:

There is a separate residential area for overseas in order to facilitate overseas Pakistani. It is somewhat different with different facilities. Indeed these facilities are different to honor. Prices are a bit higher than of executive blocks but not much as compared to facilities. There are three sizes of residential plots available. Sizes of plots are 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

Lahore Smart City Executive Block:

The executive block is an economic block with all the state of the art facilities. There are three sizes of plots. Size of plot is 1 Kanal, 10 Marla and 5 Marla. There are all the facilities which one can imagine or desire. One can enjoy central air conditioning there. Wider roads make easy transit there.

Team of Experts:

               It is important to mention that it is not just a one-man show or a raw idea. It is the masterpiece developed and designed by experts in the world. When we say experts in the world, we mean it.

As every aspect is developed and designed by experts in the field. A brief intro to that development is explained below.

Future Development Holdings are one of the best real estate developers in Pakistan. By starting this project, they gave a luxurious lifestyle, and on the other side, they contributed to the economic growth of Pakistan.

Surbana Jurong develops the master plan. SJ is an Indonesia based company with vast experience of developing large designing infrastructure. Their motto is building cities and shaping lives, and they are stick to it.

The Lahore Smart City is full of different sized gold courses and clubs. An expert team of Troon Gulf designs all those.

Cracknell does landscaping and park planning.

lahore smart city

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan :

Many people think that a residential area with so many facilities and cutting edge technology must be out of range and worth not buying. SO they are wrong. The housing plots are available at a reasonable process. Moreover, there is the option of installments.

Plots are available in 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal in both executive and overseas block. Plots in overseas block start from 1,900,000. At the same time, plots in the executive block start from 1,800,000. Payment can be done in 16 quarterly payments. Anyone who will pay all in advance will get a 10% discount.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

Limited Plot Available Lahore Smart City

lahore smart city

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